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IEEE e-notice Extended

The AP-S AdCom in a special meeting dated 21 May 2017, has unanimously decided to extend the deadline for Nominations up to June 30, 2017, and that “The geographic rotation rule for the AP Society Elections as written in the Operating Manual applies to all candidates – petition and regular.”

Call for “Nominations for Consideration for the Ballot” for the 2017 elections to IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Administrative Committee and Office of President-Elect.

Extended Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2017

Call: The IEEE AP-S Nominations Committee seeks nominations of outstanding members of the Society to be considered for inclusion on the ballot for election to the AdCom and the office of President-Elect. These nominees will be considered for inclusion on the 2017 ballot.

At the AP-S 2015 Winter AdCom meeting, a new policy was approved that by the year 2017 the composition of the 12 elected members of AdCom would be: 8 from Regions 1-8, 1 from Region 9 and 3 from Region 10. In order to achieve this goal, for the 2017 elections, three of the elected members will be from Regions 1-8, and one of the elected members will be from Region 10. Thus, for the 2017 elections, nominations for AdCom are requested from Regions 1-8 and Region 10.

The AP society maintains a policy that the candidate for President-Elect alternates annually between Regions 1-6 and Regions 7-10. For the 2017 elections, the candidate for President-Elect must be from Regions 7-10. Thus,for the 2017 elections, nominations from Regions 7-10 are requested.

(1) Nominations will be accepted from the general membership. Self-nominations are welcome. The deadline for the receipt of nominations is June 30, 2017. All nominations are to be submitted via email to the 2017 Chair of the Nominations Committee, Prof. Michael A. Jensen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with a copy to the 2017 Vice Chair of the Nominations Committee, Prof. Roberto D. Graglia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

(2) For nominations other than self-nominations, the nominator MUST verify that the prospective nominee fulfills the requirements and is willing to stand for election if selected, and work closely with the nominee to obtain the required information in the proper format.

(3) The required nominee data are: (a) family and (b) given names, (c) e-mail address, (d) telephone number, (e) affiliation, (f) country, (g) position for which the nominee is to be considered, i.e., AdCom or President-Elect, (h) Biographical Statement (written in the third person), (i) IEEE AP-S Activities, (j) Other IEEE activities, (k) Other Professional Organizations Activities, (l) Major Accomplishments, (m) Qualifications, and (n) Position Statement (written in the first person). The nominator must prepare in English the above mentioned profile as required by the attached template (also at ).

For full details of this call, please refer to the notice of nomination extension an the nomination template.