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How to prepare your revision

The goal of the revision is not only to answer to the reviewers, but also to clarify the raised points through corrective actions and improvements to the paper. Therefore, authors should include their clarifications in the revised paper to enhance its quality. For all revision, major or minor, the following files should be submitted to the IEEE Author Portal:

    1. A response letter to the decision letter. All comments from the Editorial Board should be answered one by one  i.e. in the order of comment1-response1; comment2-response2 etc. Following each comment, indicate carefully the changes made in the manuscript to address the concern or provide a rebuttal if you disagree with the comment. Upload the letter as a 'Supporting Document' in the system.
    2. Revise the manuscript taking into account all the comments/requests from the Reviewers, the Associate Editor, and the Editor-in-Chief
    3. Mark all changes made in the revised manuscript in RED for better readability.
    4. If a change of paper type is requested by the Editorial Board, please format the paper into its corresponding format. More about paper format and template are available here
  • Upon creating a revision, you can change the Manuscript Title, Type of Paper and other information in the IEEE Author Portal record by going back to the corresponding section if neccessary.
  • You are reminded to honor the revision deadline and submit the required files within 120 days of the receipt of the decision letter.
  • All revised manuscripts will undergo the same vigorous review process as a new submission. Please kindly allow approximately 12 weeks for the review as suggested by the “Information for Author” on the back inside cover of the Transactions.

To contact the Editorial Assistant:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.