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Articles Shared data/code
Harmonic-Based MIMO Transceiver With Time-Modulated Arrays, vol. 71, no. 9, pp. 7553-7565, Sept. 2023
G. Ni, C. He, and R. Jin
Transmitted, measured and processed data are provided for readers who are interested in the harmonic-based MIMO transceiver and want to reproduce the experiment results shown in the manuscript.
Access the dataset files
Scalable 3-D-Printable Antenna Array With Liquid Cooling for 28 GHz, vol. 71, no. 6, pp. 5067-5078, June 2023
J. Haarla, J. Ala-Laurinaho, and V. Viikari
The provided data include design files for the proposed antenna array prototype.
Access the dataset files
Comparison of Electromagnetic Forces Evaluated in Yee-Lattice Finite-Difference Time-Domain and Lattice-Boltzmann Method, vol. 70, no. 12, pp. 12405-12410, Dec. 2022
C. Warner, L. Markley, and K. J. Chau
The provided code includes the script for the implementation of the 3D Hauser and Verhey electrodynamic lattice-Boltzmann method (HV ELBM) and the 3D FDTD method for evaluating the force density acting on a dielectric or magnetic sphere.
Access the code
Isophoric Inflating Deflating Exploration Algorithm (I-IDEA) for Equal-Amplitude Aperiodic Arrays, vol. 70, no. 11, pp. 10405-10416, Nov. 2022
D. Pinchera, M. D. Migliore, and G. Panariello
The provided data include synthesized antenna array layouts and animations to show the Isophoric IDEA optimization process; Mp4 animations of the optimization process are also provided.
Access the dataset files
Site-Specific Radio Propagation Model for Macrocell Coverage at Sub-6 GHz Frequencies, vol. 70, no. 10, pp. 9706-9715, Oct. 2022
N. R. Leonor, S. Faria, G. Ramos, P. V. Gonzalez Castellanos, C. Rodríguez, L. da Silva Mello, and R. F. S. Caldeirinha
The provided dataset includes not only simulated and measured results obtained for the various scenarios taken into consideration, but also additional topographic information, namely the ground, building and vegetation elevation profiles, which can be used for further research works and benchmarking with other radiowave propagation models.
Access the dataset files
mm-Wave Chipless RFID Decoding: Introducing Image-Based Deep Learning Techniques, vol. 70, no. 5, pp. 3700-3709, May 2022
L. M. Arjomandi, G. Khadka, and N. C. Karmakar
The provided dataset includes the S11 parameters collected for 27 alphanumeric tags, with background noise deleted.
Access the dataset files
Investigation on Homogenization of Flat and Conformal Stacked Dielectric Resonator Antennas, vol. 70, no. 2, pp. 1482-1487, Feb. 2022
M. Boyuan, J. Pan, D. Yang, and Y.-X. Guo
Supplementary data on the analysis presented in the paper are provided.
Access the dataset files
Wide-Beam Dielectric Resonator Antennas Based on the Fusion of Higher-Order Modes, vol. 69, no. 12, pp. 8866-8871, Dec. 2021
M. Boyuan, J. Pan, S. Huang, D. Yang, and Y. Guo
The Appendix data of the paper are provided.
Access the dataset files
A Multiwideband Compact Antenna Design for Vehicular Sub-6 GHz 5G Wireless Systems, vol. 69, no. 12, pp. 8136-8142, Dec. 2021
M. O. Khalifa, A. M. Yacoub, and D. N. Aloi
The provided dataset includes all the antenna measurements done by simulation, on ground plane and on vehicle.
Access the dataset files
Fast Power Density Assessment of 5G Mobile Handset Using Equivalent Currents Method, vol. 69, no. 10, pp. 6857-6869, Oct. 2021
W. He, B. Xu, L. Scialacqua, Z. Ying, A. Scannavini, L. J. Foged, K. Zhao, C. Di Paola, S. Zhang, and S. He
The provided files include supplementary data, the script, and the GUI tool for visualizing the magnitude and phase of different components of equivalent electric and magnetic currents of the paper’s Fig. 17.
Access the dataset files
A Mechanical Transmitter for Undersea Magnetic Induction Communication, vol. 69, no. 10, pp. 6391-6400, Oct. 2021
Y. Liu, S. Gong, Q. Liu, and M. Hou
The provided dataset includes the experimental data acquired within the framework of an undersea MI communication experiment, conducted using the test system in a port in Sanya, China.
Access the dataset files
Unidirectional Dielectric Resonator Antennas Employing Electric and Magnetic Dipole Moments, vol. 69, no. 10, pp. 6918-6923, Oct. 2021
M. Boyuan, J. Pan, S. Huang, D. Yang, and Y.-X. Guo
The provided dataset includes the Appendix data from the eigenmode method, the characteristic method, and the scattering spectrum analysis.
Access the dataset files
Taper Design for Active Arrays With Maximized EIRP for Bounded Sidelobe Level, vol. 69, no. 4, pp. 2053-2060, April 2021
R. Rytel-Andrianik
The provided code computes the taper for a linear active array antenna, which maximizes EIRP for specified sidelobe level.
Access the code
Non-Reciprocal, Robust Surface Plasmon Polaritons on Gyrotropic Interfaces, vol. 68, no. 5, pp. 3718-3729, May 2020
A. M. Holmes, G. W. Hanson, S. A. Hassani Gangaraj, M. Antezza, M. G. Silveirinha, S. Jam, and F. Monticone
The code includes the equations listed in the Appendix of the paper.
Access the code
Millimeter-Wave Multi-Beam Waveguide Lens Antenna, vol. 67, no. 8, pp. 5646-5651, Aug. 2019
V. Basavarajappa, A. Pellon, I. Montesinos-Ortego, B. B. Exposito, L. Cabria, and J. Basterrechea
The dataset is a collection of simulated and measured data acquired in the process of design, analysis, and measurement of the millimeter wave multibeam waveguide lens antenna.
Access the dataset files
Fast Far-Field Estimation Method by Compact Single Cut Near-Field Measurements for Electrically Long Antenna Array, vol. 66, no. 11, pp. 5859-5868, Nov. 2018
Y. Sugimoto, H. Arai, T. Maruyama, M. Nasuno, M. Hirose, and S. Kurokawa
The provided dataset includes the calculation data used to generate the results presented in the manuscript.
Access the dataset files
Design of a 360° Scanning Circularly Symmetric Polygon Lens, vol. 66, no. 9, pp. 4458-4465, Sept. 2018
T. M. Nguyen, T. K. Vo Dai, and O. Kilic
The code for the octagon lens construction is provided.
Access the code
Numerical Optimization of Compressive Array Feed Networks, vol. 66, no. 7, pp. 3432-3440, July 2018
H. E. A. Laue and W. P. du Plessis
The code includes the Compressive Array Feed Network Design Algorithm
Access the code
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