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Keyword Index

AUTHORS: Please choose keywords for indexing your paper from the IEEE Approved Indexing Keyword List to the maximum extent possible.
When you submit a paper through IEEE Author Portal, you will be provided with a picklist from which to choose your keywords. The picklist contains indexing terms from the IEEE Approved Indexing Keyword List.

Use of these keywords ensures that your paper is accessible through the major indexing services. You may sometimes find that you need to coin your own keywords in order to make your paper accessible through search by an appropriate audience. Keep in mind that keywords are best chosen broadly. Avoid the temptation to construct a set of keywords that uniquely identify your topic. When you coin a keyword, please underscore it, highlight it with a marker, or otherwise call attention to it. We will add it to the AP-S supplementary list. (The editor reserves the right to modify keywords for consistency within the list when necessary.)

You will need to use the search feature of your browser to find the best keyword(s) to describe your work. Typically, two to three words are sufficient. Submit these keywords with your paper when it is ready for publication if you have not already done so through IEEE Author Portal.

The keywords for your paper can be sent by e-mail to the Editor-in-Chief, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to provide all relevant information so that your paper can be quickly identified. Please know that your paper can not be sent to press until proper keywords have been selected.