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Information for Authors

The following are some points to consider when you wish to send in a paper....

Some general information and tools for IEEE authors can also be found here.

Additional notes about submitting your paper.

Please submit your manuscript as a complete, single document including all figures, tables, etc. As an author you want to make reviewing your manuscript as simple as possible. You do not want the reviewers having to open a new file every time they want to see a figure. If you do not create a single reviewable document, it may delay processing of your paper.

If you are submitting a revised version of a paper, you will select the manuscript under the "Manuscripts to be Revised" section in your Author Center. Please note that after you upload the new version of the paper, you will need to "view the proof," and to finally "submit" the paper. After "submitting" the revised version of the paper (a ".R1," or ".R2" version, for example) will move from the "Manuscripts to be Revised" section to the "Submitted Manuscripts" section in your Author Center. If the paper does not move to the "Submitted Manuscripts" section, then you have not completed the submission process, and your revised paper will not be available to reviewers!